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How To Create TBC Web Wallet: 2017 new wallet TBC004.net

There is another advancement in TBC Community prior in January 2017, and that is the 2017 new web wallet for TBCians, as a last answer for TBC Technical Wallet Issue (TBCoins demonstrating $0.00 kringle while you have some TBCoins in the genuine sense). This is an affirmation to the expression of the TBC pioneer Mr. Jon Tetreault, who severally revealed that TBC Admins were always attempting to get the TBC Technical Wallet Issue ratified.

By this great development in TBC Web Wallet, we both TBCians are rested assured of efficient TBCoins Wallet and balance response as regarding TBCoins transaction, confirmation, and checking of balance.

Secondly, the 2017 new web wallet for TBCians is relatively simple, easy and fun with login feature, compared to 2016 TBC Wallet Version, that was usually prone to losing TBC Wallet Url, either in error of omission, or failure to back marked the TBC Wallet Url as required, or losing password that both usually leads to losing your TBCoins that could never be recovered.

This is out of personal experience as I’m not the only one who either failed/forgot to saved/bookmarked the TBC Wallet Url, or made any seemingly error or mistakes in the tbc001, tbc002 and tbc003 2016 web wallet server; that as a result, lead to loss of TBCoins due to inexperience or newbie things.

The fact is, it is relatively easy and simple with the TBC Web Wallet 2017 Web Wallet Version, being https://tbc004.net server, regarded as the best because, it comes with a personal account with login and forget password features for each registered TBCian,  and it's more of fun because the chances of losing your TBCoins is drastically reduced to zero.

All TBCians who registered or secured their TBCoins and Wallets with the 2016 TBC web wallet version (tbc001.net, tbc002.net, and tbc003.net) are required to open a new wallet by signing up at https://tbc004.net. After signing up, you are required to confirm your registration and then log in to track/see your 2017 TBC Web Wallet. All of your TBCoins are also expected to be transferred/migrated to the upgraded 2017 TBC Web Wallet Version.

It worth noting that the grace period for transfer of TBCoins from the 2016 TBC web wallet version (tbc001.net, tbc002.net, and tbc003.net) to 2017 TBC Web Wallet elapse on the 31st of January 2017, after which the old web wallet (TBC Web Wallet 2016 Version) accounts will be dis-function.

TBC Web Wallet - Signing up for 2017 Web Wallet Version

 1. Visit https://tbc004.net

2. Click on “Signup”.

3. Enter your email, password, tick to pass the spam verification and the signup.

4. An email will be sent to you for confirming registration. This is against spam and fraudulent attempt. So, visit your mail to confirm the registration.

5. Now, visit https://tbc004.net to sign in to your account. Remember, you’re to enter your registered email, password and to pass the spam verification before you can sign in/login.

2017 TBC Web Wallet1

6. By now, you are in your 004 TBC Wallet account. Hence, you’re new, you should see $0.00 in your 2017 TBC Web Wallet Account.

7. You should see the send and receive TBCoins box, in the left, and your 2017 TBC Web Wallet Address in the right of your same logged in home page.

Transferring TBC from 2016 Web Wallet to 2017 Web Wallet.
This option is only for those TBCians who registered by Creating TBC (The Billion Coin) Wallet before the introduction of the new web wallet in early January 2017, and who are yet to move/transfer/migrate their TBCoins to the 2017 TBC Web Wallet Version.

1. Visit your TBC Web Wallet Url – applicable in the 2016 web wallet version (the required saved/bookmarked link) in Creating TBC (The Billion Coin) Wallet, thereafter, enter your password to open your TBC 2016 web wallet account.

2. Provided the TBC Technical Wallet Issue does not arise, (should there is, I’ve already provided a solution in that article), meaning that your TBCoins is showing, all you need to do is to click on the red tab that says “send” – refer to how to send, receive and confirm TBCoins transaction.
3. The ‘send’ tab will open two boxes, the first is the receiving wallet address (enter your 2017 web wallet address) and the second box for the numbers of TBCoins you intent to transfer.

4. When you click send, and re-confirmed the transaction, if successful, you should see an immediate deduction from your TBCoins and balance.
5. When you log into you TBC 2017 Web Wallet account, you should see your TBCoins in your new web wallet account.

Finally, the 2017 TBC Web Wallet is a new wallet system that protects both you as a TBCian and the entire TBC community with the added login feature.
As a new cryptocurrency that was launched in March 21st, 2016 with a simple encrypted URL types web wallet, it then lacked some critical features needed for such a fast-growing cryptocurrency community.
If you have 2016 web wallet version, you are advice to upgrade to the 2017 TBC Web Wallet Version on or before 31st January 2017 as the window may close on any members yet to transfers his or her TBCoins into tbc004 web wallet server.

I hope this help. Pls, do kindly share.  the billion coin wallet


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